Back to Squamish, second time Squamish 50

Squamish 50 – AWESOME!

Only four weeks to go until our flight to Vancouver. Only four weeks until we are back to Canada, back to Squamish, back on the beautiful trails of awesomeness. The three weeks last year were absolutely stunning and that is the reasons why we are back. After running the 23k, Tobi wants to run the awesome 50 miler and I try to beat my 50 mile time from last year (12hrs 41min).
On Sunday we are volunteering somewhere around the finish line in Squamish to recover and also to welcome the finisher of the 50k race and 50/50 finisher.
This year we have only 5 days before and a week after the race to discover the fantastic trails and eat the delicious food at the Squamish restaurants.
Last year we discovered Elfin Lakes, Stawamus Chief, Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge.
Hopefully we have the same good weather like last year. At the moment the forecast for the upcoming days is not really bad.
Squamish 50

Now we need the help of the Squamish people!

This year we want to run some trails around the new Sea to Sky Gondola before racing the Squamish 50 on Saturday.
What do you think are the most beautiful trails of awesomeness around this area?
Are there any beautiful ascents from the parking lot to the top of the gondola?

During the week after the Squamish 50 we want to discover the area around Echo Lake and Alec Lake. We tried it last year but we didn’t have the chance to cross the Squamish River. Without a boat or something else it seems impossible.
Now we are looking for a chance to cross the river. Maybe you have an idea or you want to rent your boat for one day or you want to come with us.

Are there any other trails of awesomeness we need to run?


Maybe you don’t understand the following phrase, but it describes how excited we are to come back to Squamish.


Just go to Mc Donalds and put your hand in a fryer and then you may understand the phrase.

See you in four weeks!

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